Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Whisper of Angels by Lourdes R. Florido Review

Book Blurb:
When best friends Nicolas and Henry go out to sea on a whaling ship, danger and sexuality collide resulting in revenge and a search for redemption. Best friends Nicolas and Henry can't acknowledge their love for each other in the chilly climate of New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1857. After a prank turns disastrous, their punishment is to be sent to sea on a whaling ship, where danger and sexuality collide and Nicolas must pay a terrible price for his unspoken love. Is there any chance he and Henry can be together again-or will Nic's all-too-human failings keep them apart forever?

My Review:
I had never read a gay romance novel before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. What I got was an amazing adventure about a love that struggles to defy all odds. A forbidden love that melted my heart.
The first book is from the perspective of Nicolas. Nicolas is a young innocent sixteen year old who learns as the story progresses because Nicolas is so child-like it felt more like a Young Adult novel than an Adult novel. However, his innocence made Nic somewhat endearing and humorous as he struggles to understand the unknown. The sexually hinting was also rather slight but considering the time period isn't too unnatural. The setting is unique I had never read a book that takes place on a whaling ship before.

All in all this is an awesome I'm not afraid to write home about. I give this one four out of five stars! I recommend this book to fantasy romance fans who want to give gay romance a try or for readers who already read gay romance and are interested in a romantic fantasy adventure.
The book is available in both digital and paperback through MLRPress and Amazon:


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